The vision for Te Awa Lakes

Not long ago, Horotiu used to be a small settlement on the road to Hamilton from Auckland. Thanks to new infrastructure such as the Waikato Expressway and the northerly push by Hamilton’s burgeoning population, the area has now become the city’s northern gateway.

Te Awa Lakes is a proposed 62ha development for the old Perry sand quarry at Horotiu that will transform this northern gateway into a vibrant community hub and tourism destination through a mix of high quality medium density residential housing, river links, tourism activities and adventure park.

When complete, Te Awa Lakes will complement the existing features of Northern Hamilton. The Base shopping centre, one of the largest in New Zealand, is nearby, transport is catered for by the Waikato Expressway that borders the site, and a bike park is already in place drawing recreational users to the area thanks to easy access via the Te Awa Cycleway, which Perry’s already has strong links to as a founding sponsor.

It’s this connection to the Waikato River that’s at the heart of Te Awa Lakes. The Waikato River is a defining natural feature of our city and it runs the entire eastern length of Te Awa Lakes. The combination of tourism activities, integrated living spaces, adventure park and brand new links to the iconic Te Awa Cycleway will open the land up for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Te Awa Lakes will not only become Hamilton’s new gateway in the north, but a destination that people will want to visit and explore.

In addition to reinvigorating what is currently an industrially zoned part of the city, the Te Awa Lakes development aligns closely to the city’s plans for housing supply as outlined through its Future Proof strategy. One of the key areas within this strategy is the creation of ‘centres of community’ to better cope with the predicted population increase in Hamilton and the surrounding region within the next few decades.

Perry Group has grown alongside Hamilton over the past 65 years and believe that by working closely with the community, Hamilton City Council, regional authorities and local Iwi, the site can be transformed to make Te Awa Lakes a vibrant and thriving part of our city while bringing a host of benefits, both economically and socially.

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