What is Te Awa Lakes? Simon Perry answers your questions.

Simon Perry talks about the Te Awa Lakes development proposed for North Hamilton.

What is Te Awa Lakes?

Te Awa Lakes will be a community where residents can “live work and play”. These days we seem to spend half our time in cars trying to get where we want to be, so we’ve designed Te Awa to have everything you need in the one precinct — an adventure park for the kids, bike trails, river activities, cafes and restaurants, convenience shopping and fantastic modern work spaces.

Will there be actual lakes?

Yes! The lakes you already see as you drive past the site will be fine-tuned and upgraded to become a central feature of Te Awa Lakes. These will offer residents and visitors the opportunity to swim, kayak, paddle board, fish, and generally enjoy the beauty of the area. The more adventurous can take on the variety of high adrenaline activities planned for the neighbouring adventure park.

What benefits will a completed Te Awa Lakes bring to Hamilton now, and in the future when the region’s population is expected to double in 50 years?

Te Awa Lakes will be a master planned community designed to complement the existing growth strategy for the city. Planning it as a single entity like this means we can ensure that every aspect of the design and construction is top notch. It also means we can be efficient with our layouts and amenity spaces, creating high quality homes on smaller lot sizes but with fantastic outlooks. This helps keep land and building costs down, meaning our offerings will be affordable for a wider range of families and individuals.

Our aim is to make Te Awa Lakes a green community, with cycling and walking encouraged over driving.  We want people to “slow down” and smell the native flowers (coffee is fine too) when they enter our community.

Why is this the best site for such a development?

If you were able to drop a pin down anywhere on a map to build a 62 hectare master planned community, we would have dropped it at Te Awa Lakes. It is truly the ultimate site, with a 1.5 km river frontage offering future river access and adjoining the Te Awa Cycleway.  It’s a five minute drive to The Base and has excellent traffic design, with expressway access straight into town or up to Auckland.

It’s also close by some great features, including the Hakarimata Scenic Reserve which is just a half hour bike ride away using the Te Awa Cycleway River Trail. There are two golf courses within ten minutes, the river, and all the amenities of Hamilton right on the doorstep.

What makes Perry the best choice for such a project?

We are a local company that’s been part of Hamilton for almost 65 years with a history of community support. Our Brian Perry Charitable Trust vision is “Building a Stronger Community”, and Te Awa Lakes will help achieve that. The trust will play an important role in helping develop the range of community amenities that Hamiltonians and visitors will be able to enjoy. We’re already heavily committed to the Te Awa Cycleway, with the new section opening in a few months featuring an iconic cycling bridge, the largest in the country, and we’ve already stuck our toe in the water at Te Awa Lakes with our community bike park and fitness area. Come out and have a look – bring your bikes!


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